Saturday, January 1, 2011

Plus Size Clothing Sale w/ Accessories

Thanks so much for coming over to check out my blog sale. Please follow this blog so you will know about the other items that I add to this list. I really hope you guys like the items. I will use flat rate shipping for those who buy multiple items. Shipping prices will vary based on the items you purchase. If you need more pictures or a more detailed description of a item. leave a comment. please PM on youtube with the list of things you want. I am only taking paypal payments. You will have 3 days to make a payment. If there is no payment I will give the items to the next person. Thanks again :)

Purses and Wallets:

Pastry purse- $8  (sold)


Nine West Purse- $8                                                                                                                     

Coach Wallet-$20  sold                                                                                                                  

Baby Phat Wallet NWT- $10  


NYX single eyeshadows- $2 each :egg white, dust, mink brown and platinum silver. highlight colors with no base (all sold)

Ocean frost, velvet blue, red bean and alaska. with base and without (all sold)

peach, mediterranean, eutopia, bronze and marrakesh with and without base (all sold)

Mac viva glam VI lipglass $6 sold    clinque long last lasswear kissyfit .07 fl oz $2  (sold)

Loreal H.I.P. Kohl Eyeliners: each $2 (its not a liquid is a powder linner) swatches with no base
Navy (sold), Burgundy(sold), Gold(sold), Teal (sold) and Black(sold)


Stretch ring- $4                                                         Gold bangle- $3  

Rhinestone bangle- $3  (sold)                                                  Silver bangle- $3

Rhinestone bangle $2 (sold)


dots belt 3x- $2 (sold)

Obi style Belt fit sizes 1x-3x(can be worn different ways. google it. this is how i wore it)- $10


 Corset with stretch lacing fit sizes 2x, 3x and possibly 4x nwot-$4 (sold)

Corset fits sizes 2x and 3x(dont know how to keep front hooks closed) nwt - $5(sold)                                 

Cacique corset Size 26/28 (Short)- $4 (sold)

Corset fits sizes 2x and 3x( missing lace you can use any ribbon u want)- $3

Lane Bryant Corset Size 26/28 ( can fit 30/32)- $4 (sold)                                                              

Cacique Valentine Nighty size 22/24 (can fit 26/28)- $5(sold)    Cacique Nighty Size 22/24- $4 (can fit 26/28) (sold)

Cacique Nighty size 26/28 -$4     (sold)                    Avenue nighty size 30/32- $4

 Work Bottoms:

 Spicewear work skirt Size 2xL-$3(sold)                         Fahion bug stretch pant nwot Size 26w- $4(sold)

Lane Bryant Work Outfit: top- 26/28, pant 26 avevage- $13 (sold)

Khakis size 24 NWT (tall) -$2

Work Shirts:

Venezia 3/4 Sleeve Size 26/28 -$2 (sold)
 Fahion Bug 3/4 sleeve Size 30/32- $2(sold)    Old Navy 3/4 sleeve Size 3x- $2(sold)

Short Sleeve LA Blues size 30/32- $ 3 (sold)                                            Venezia sheer long sleeve Size 26/28- $2 (sold)


 Fahion to figure Amry asymmetrical top NWOT Size 3xl (runs small)- $6 (sold)

                                 Polo NWT Size 3x- $2 (sold)

Long sleeve tops Size 3x each for $1 (pink sold)

Extra Touch layer top Size 3x- $3      Lane Bryant sleeveless silk cami Size 28- $3


        Short Sleeve top NWT Size 3x- $1                          Apple Bottoms Tubtop Size 3x- $5
Apple Bottoms 3/4 sleeve hoodie size 3x- $7(sold)


Apple Bottoms jeans size 22 - $13(sold)

Ashley Stewart stretch jeans Size 24- $4 (sold)

Lane Bryant Venezia jeans NWT Size 24 - $7

Lane Bryant Venezia lowrize bootcut jeans Size 24 tall- $5(sold)

 Zanadi Jeans size 26- $4 (sold)

Lane Bryant Venezia bootcut size 24 average- $4 (sold)

Angels skinny jeans NWT Size 22 -$6 (sold)

 Levis mini skirt Size 24- $4 (sold)


Apple Bottoms blazer NWT Size 3x- $ 13 (sold)

Lane Bryant blazer size 26/28 (missing the fouth button) $5 (sold)


 Mecca Femme shorts size 22 NWT- $1 (sold)


Lane Bryant Venezia bootcut jeans size 24 tall- $4


Seven7 Jeans size 24- $10 (sold)


Convington lowcut stretch jeans NWT size 24- $6

Baby Phat jeans NWOT ( i got the wrong size) size 20-$13(sold)

levis 515 jeans (missing tags on the back of jeans) size 24- $4 (sold)


Lane Bryant jeans size 24- $4 (sold)

 Levis 518 superlow bootcut jeans size 22m- $5 (sold)


 Lane Bryant Venezia flare jeans size 24 average $4 (sold)


Dereon jeans size 24 (run a bit small)- $ 13

Apple bottoms skinny jeans size 24 (runs a bit small)- $13 (sold)

Rocawear skinny jeans NWT size 24( runs a bit small)- $17 (sold)


  1. I am a follower on you tube and i am interested in buying quite a few items and paying shipping with paypal. I have sent you a message with what i want on youtube. My youtube name is 1fairyprincess13 I will be able to pay you monday as soon as I get up. Please send me a message there to let me know how much the shipping will be + the items. Love your channel, your style, confidence and personality.

    Happy New Year
    Brita aka 1fairyprincess13

  2. Hey when is your give away sale?

  3. I would like to purchase all bracelettes and all eye shadows. Please contact me on youtube:

    Happy New Year!!!


  4. my giveaway will be later this month

  5. candy i cant find you on youtube...send me a message

  6. OMG!
    i sure would want to buy some but i know that intl shipping will be a b*tch!

    anyway, much luck to your sale,hun!

    hope that you will have a good 1st week for the year 2011!

  7. Do You Have Any More Corsets or if not do you know any good cheap site that i can get good corsets of my size (1x-3x)

  8. This is great. I've been looking for plus size designer clothes to suit me best.

  9. I'm interested in a couple of your items.
    Please email me at
    Thank you.. :)