Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plus size and not Afraid to be Sexy

I know it can be hard to feel sexy. Definitely with society saying if you not skinny you are not sexy. I say to hell with what society says. We are all beautiful as well as sexy in our own way. Don’t be afraid to get sexy for yourself or your man. We need to really look in the mirror and appreciate what we have. Whatever you have learn to work it. And do it right! Ladies throw out all those big oversized shirts and baggy jeans. You may think you are hiding your weight but its really making you appear bigger and frumpy.

Everyday if you work at it, will get better. Love every inch of you and soon after you will see others will love every inch of you as well. So who’s ready to get their sexy on? I know I am…who else is with me

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  1. as what i said in my comment...i love this video!
    you did great in expressing your thoughts,sweetie!

  2. i just saw youre video and I love it ! YOU GOT SWAG HUNNY !!!!! IM MIZZ BRITE from youtube ! check me out !

  3. Thanks for the confident post. Hail to plus size fashion. It's the true image of women.