Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today is the last day that I would hold items. If there is no payment, I will remove the hold and you are free to message me for the items left. thanks guys for all of your support. 
Weight Loss Blog Sale:
Please message me at if you have any questions about a particular item. Check the video below for a better look at the items and how they look on me. thanks for checking out my blog sale.
Shipping will be based on your purchase and what can fit in the flatrate boxes.
shipping ranges from $5.15( for a small flatrate box) to $15.45 (for a large flatrate box)
once you tell what you are interested in I will give you your shipping price and final total.
All sales are final.

Blog Sale Video:


Silver and Black multi layered necklace: $6.00 (SOLD)

Black and Gold Pearl Necklace: $6.00 (SOLD)

Orange and Brown Beaded Necklace: $4.00 (SOLD)

Silver Bangle: $2.00(SOLD)

Silver Bangle: $3.00(SOLD)

Multi Bangle: $3.00 (SOLD)

Silver Bangle: $2.00(SOLD)

Silver Bangle: $2.00 (SOLD)

Obi Belts: Pink (SOLD) One size 1X-3X $7.00 and Beige $7.00 (SOLD)

Metallic Bronze Belt Size 2-3X: $4.00 (SOLD)

Brown and Gold Belt Size 3X: $4.00(SOLD)

 Skinny Brown Braided Belt Size 1-2X: $3.00

Night Wear:

Lane Byrant Cacique  Bra size 44H: $9.00 (SOLD)

Lane Byrant Cacique  Bra Size 44G: $6.00

this bra has slight damage to it

Leopard Print Nighty: $5.00(SOLD)

Polka Dot Nighty: $5.00 (SOLD)

Torrid Corset Size 4: $10.00
small tear on the lace (SOLD)


Fire Red Blazer Size 16: $12.00(SOLD)

Bloomingdale Silky Blazer Size 18: $12.00

DressBarn Black Blazer Size 2X: $12.00

Mossimo Mustard Blazer Size XXL: $12.00 (SOLD)


Brownish Green Shirt Dress Size 3X: $9.00(SOLD)

Xhilaration Bodycon Dress Size XXL: $10.00(SOLD)

 Xhilaration Bodycon Dress Size XXL: $10.00 (SOLD)

Brown and Pink Bubble Dress Size 3X: $10.00 (SOLD)

Dots Black and White 1 Shoulder Bodycon Dress Size 1X: $12.00 (SOLD)

Black and White Formal Dress Size 24: $14.00

Ashley Stewart Corset Dress Size 3X: $13.00


Xhilaration Black and Grey Bodycon Skirt Size XXL: $7.00(SOLD)

Dots Black and White Bodycon Skirt Size 1X: $7.00(SOLD)

Debs Bubble Purple Skirt Size 1X: $6.00


Jones New York Wide Leg Work Pants Size 16: $10.00(SOLD)

Rocawear Punk Rock Leggings Size 1X: $8.00(SOLD)

Black Sparkle One Shoulder Top Size 3XL: $7.00 (SOLD)

Grey and Black Tunic Size  3XL: $7.00 (SOLD)

Denim Stretch Vest Size 3X: $7.00(SOLD)

Venezia Black Lace Top Size 22/24: $8.00(SOLD)

Lane Bryant Satin Shrug Size 28: $7.00

Dots Grey Top Size 3X: $5.00(SOLD)

Target Black Tribal Top Size 1: $5.00

Brown and White Lace Top Size 1X : $7.00(SOLD)

Black Silk and Lace Top Size 3XL- $7.00 (SOLD)


Dr Reys Shapewear Size 2X: $15.00 (SOLD)

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  1. Are these plus size clothing available and still for sale? It would be great to have them modeled so that we can have a clearer view. I am interested on those.